Editorial Photography

15 images Created 7 Jan 2021

Sure, you can tell a story with just words. But when you tell a story with words and with skillfully chosen photographs, you transform it from mere sentences and paragraphs into a completely immersive experience. All it takes are a few well-timed shots, captured by a professional editorial photographer and photojournalist, to enhance the drama of your story—whether the subject is an inspirational person, a captivating place, a thrilling profession, or a groundbreaking idea.

Make the right creative statement with editorial photographer and photojournalist Jeff Mauritzen. Having planned and executed numerous editorial photoshoots around the world, he knows how to use images to tell the captivating details of a story—details often hidden from untrained eyes. Whether your story centers on the triumphs of a local hero, the challenges of being an entrepreneurial startup, or the thrill of performing a groundbreaking play, you’ll get an editorial photographer that knows how to tell your story with creative well-timed shots. Call 571-399-5342 or email jeff@inPhotograph.com today for more information and to schedule your creative editorial photography shoot.
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